[OT] Richmond's DNS disease, was: RELEASE LiveCode 6.6 DP1

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 03:54:21 EST 2014

On 16/02/14 10:17, Richmond wrote:
> On 16/02/14 10:15, Richmond wrote:
>> On 15/02/14 22:12, Mark Wieder wrote:
>>> Richmond-
>>> Saturday, February 15, 2014, 11:43:37 AM, you wrote:
>>>> and "bingo", everything is lovely.
>>> Yay!
>> Well "semi-bingo" insofar as individual computers can now bypass the 
>> router's DNS setting (all the Linux boxes I have connected to my 
>> router),
>> but other devices (my wife's iPad, my G3 iMac running 9.2) cannot, 
>> and as such cannot access the websites that that DNS seems unable to 
>> reach.
>> What makes me feel uncomfortable is that those sites seem to be the 
>> ones we contact the most, which makes me wonder if somebody
>> has been mucking around somewhere.
>> Supposedly (!!!!) the ISP (BLIZOO, Bulgaria) are going to send a pair 
>> of monkeys, err, strike that, "computer engineers" to play around 
>> with my cable modem and my router: this, frankly, doesn't make me 
>> feel good at all - who paid them, who has told them exactly what to 
>> install (spybots)?
>> Nothing would give me greater satisfaction than to greet them at the 
>> door and tell them "Thanks, but  no thanks", having managed to change 
>> my DNS in the router (EDIMAX TP-LINK) via the browser interface 
>> myself: but I don't think that can be done . .  .
>> Richmond.
> Especially, Linux lovers, as my /etc/resolv.conf file has been blanked 
> overnight so I have to redo the thing!

AND the lesson is:

Never, ever listen to "computer engineers" at one's ISP.

Having told me that to access the internet I had to leave their DNS in 
place in my router settings, I tried Mark's recipe,
which worked, but only while I had the computer switched on; when I got 
up in the morning and switched the machine on,
the /etc/resolv.conf document had reverted to what it had been before I 
mucked about with it the night before.

So; I got into my TP-LINK router's settings and changed the DNS to one 
of the ones I mentioned in an earlier posting:
had to physically restart the router (the soft restart just stopped the 
thing working) as well as the cable modem: bingo,
hopefully "bigger bingo" than previously.

Unfortunately I have a tendency to trust other people; especially people 
with pompous titles such as "computer engineer",
and "expert"; but, thinking about things, when the chap on the phone 
said that when their "experts" came to see me they would
correct "the problem" via Internet Explorer (having told him about 4 
times that I only used Mac and Linux in my house), I should
have told him to "boil his head".

So, if you hear me describing myself anywhere as a "computer engineer" 
or a "computer expert" run a mile . . . LOL

Here endeth the lesson, and let us prAy, and let the "computer 
engineers" not prEy on us.

Richmond (High Priest, Archbishop and Court Jester in chief).

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