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Mon Dec 29 19:29:56 CET 2014

Sean Cole wrote:

 > Roger, Make a backup of 6.7 first just in case. I doubt that it would
 > remove 6.7 (RR and LC never delete older versions from your machine
 > when installing - I've still got every version right back to 5.5) but
 > keep one safe anyway.

LiveCode always installs each version into its own folder, so your older 
versions will remain in place.

Perhaps what the installer was referring to is the OS file type 
association.  On Windows this is governed by the Registry, and IIRC is 
updated with each LC install.  On Mac it's governed by voodoo using 
unknowable rules in the Finder, so that sometimes it'll use the most 
recently-installed version of an app but sometimes it'll decide to 
fixate on one particular version.

But that only governs what happens when you double-click a stack in the 
file manager.

As long as you open the version you want to work with and then use 
File->Open in the IDE you'll always have complete control over which 
version you're using.

 > And make backups of your projects while you're at it.

Excellent advice for all data made with all applications.

Hard drives fail, file systems get corrupted, systems get hacked, and 
then there are fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.  Merde happens.

At a minimum everyone should have at least three copies of any data they 
consider non-disposable, with one of those copies rotated off-site.

Here I maintain 5 copies of everything.  Storage is cheap, and time is 

Worth taking 5 minutes to read up on rsync to quickly back up folders:

Like many good programs rsync has a lot of options, but for simple 
one-way syncing the -av flags are usually sufficient when working with 
local volumes:

rsync -av /volume/sourcefolder/   /backup/destfolder/

Across networks it's helpful to add -z for compression:

rsync -avz /volume/sourcefolder/  user at domain:/backup/destfolder/

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