Push notification issues

Stallibrass kevin at stallibrass.com
Fri Dec 26 02:08:14 CET 2014

I've followed the lessons on runrev
I've created and tested the relevant certificates and tried using APNsAssistant and while the certificates appear to check out OK, when I test an app on an iPhone, I have problems.
If I do not check the push notification button in standalone application settings, the app sales for permission to send push notifications but I cannot retrieve the device token using get mobileGetDeviceToken()
If I check the push notification button in standalone settings, I cannot install the app to my device with an error message "The executable was signed with invalid entitlements. The entitlements specified in your applications code does not match those specified in your provisioning profile (0xE8008016)
Is it necessary to select push notifications in the build settings?
Is there another way to get the device token?
And finally, is this even possible using the community version?

Kevin Stallibrass

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