frequent crashes under 7.0.1-RC3

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Sun Dec 14 17:40:59 CET 2014

On Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 8:23 AM, tbodine <bodine at>

> Two things I found helpful:
> * Isolate LC7.x and any plug-ins, tool stacks and codebase stacks it uses
> on
> a separate user account or machine from the same resources used for LC6.
> I'm absolutely free of plugins and external stacks :)

And I don't even install 6.  I tried it, and the phantom strict-compile bug
was far, far worse.  So bad, in fact, that I would have to open stacks in
5.5 to recomplie, then reopen in 6 . . . (this also meant commenting out
the (then) three lines of code for pixel scaling).  Also, some things were
just *too* slow (there was a thread about something with a button that was
something like 400ms on 6 and 2ms on 5).

* Be mindful of stack format versions by checking "the stackFileVersion,"
> because saving in earlier stack formats will wipe out any data/properties
> in
> your stacks added by later versions. For example, the advanced field
> properties introduced in LC5.5 are lost if the stackFileVersion is set
> earlier than 5.5.

I haven't used any of them :)   The older properties would be retained,
wouldn't they?

All I want from unicode (or whatever) is to deal with stuff pasted in from
fools who used microsoft character sets on web pages or pdf documents meant
to be used on multiple platforms.
(particularly the section symbol and quotes)

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