How to Quit with a button

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Dec 8 22:13:35 CET 2014

William Prothero wrote:

> I got no response from the doMenu command, so perhaps I needed
> to include the shortcut key in the name?

DoMenu is pretty limited in LiveCode.  It was necessary in HyperCard 
because that language wasn't rich enough to build an entire IDE in, so 
the only way you could invoke some of the IDE features was through 
"doMenu" as a sort of catch-all.

In LiveCode of course the IDE is make in its own language, so anything 
you see in the IDE can be done more directly in your own stacks than 
having to rely on a generic catch-all.

If you do need to trigger an IDE menu item, you can dispatch a menuPick 
handler to the relevant menu button in revMenubar with the name of the 
menu item as its param.

But quit is very essential - every app needs it - so that's built right 
into the language with the "quit" command.

If you need to do any processing before the app actually quits, you can 
trap the shutdownRequest message.

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