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She's right. Jeanne is always right.  I knew that lock cursor wasn't HC but I got the actual behavior wrong. 

On December 7, 2014 6:15:41 PM CST, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
>J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> On 12/7/2014, 3:04 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>> Many seeming oddities in the language are merely conventions 
>>> established
>>> by the HyperCard team.  IIRC the need to lock the cursor to have it
>>> maintained after idle is one of them
>> It was probably either a SuperCard or MetaCard thing. HC kept the 
>> cursor
>> set until you changed it again.
>We can blame Jeanne, since she doesn't read this list often enough to 
>defend herself here. :)
>On page 230 of the book she co-authored, "HyperTalk 2.2: The Book" it 
>   At idle time -- when all handlers have finished running -- HyperCard
>    sets the cursor back to the cursor for the current tool, or to the
>    standard arrow if the pointer is not in the current window.  The
>    only way to lock a cursor to a particular image is to use an XCMD.
>So lockCursor does appear to have been introduced by SuperCard, and 
>later faithfully carried through by MetaCard and hence LiveCode, but
>revert-on-idle behavior was either present as of HC V2.2 or Jeanne (or 
>one of the other two authors) miswrote the cursor entry in their book.
>Interestingly, that page goes on to note that there was no way to query
>the current cursor image.   It's been so long since I used HC I'd 
>forgotten how limited it was.
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