Vertical Menubar stack

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed Apr 30 05:26:09 EDT 2014

On 20/04/14 01:21, Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Hi Richmond,
> Many Thanks for sharing your stacks! :D
> Are you going to expand these palettes to
> allow developers include custom tools
> (using front or back script) and insert
> custom controls (like groups)?
> Al

I don't really see how I can mess around with the revMenubar and the 
revTools stacks/palettes
to take into account other developers' custom tools/controls.

The simple fact is that I am NOT a very clever programmer,
but, what I DID DO is go and poke around in those stacks and see
how they worked.

All my Hack stack does is:

1. Move buttons and icons into different positions [using the 'move' 

2. Paste pretty pictures into the revMenubar stack and another stack.

3. Change the dimensions of those stacks.

4. Patch scripts in the revTools and revMenubar stacks.

Anyone else who wants to make a 'hack stack' to add their tools, controls,
pretty icons, kinky layout can use exactly the same methods as I used
(which are simple and simplistic in the extreme - just look impressive
because I set the moveSpeed to 65000 and used lockScreen), and
if they are unsure how to do that I would suggest they open up the
scripts and fields in my Hack Stack.

The one thing that is IMPORTANT to remember is that both the revTools 
and the revMenubar
stack contain scripts at the stack level to make them look the way they 
do; so if you
want them to maintain their hacked appearance between an Exit and a 
Restart you
need to hack the card 1002 script with an openStack or a preOpenStack 
script to
override what RunRev's stack level scripts do.


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