Server 6.6.1 and Multi-Line "put"

Peter W A Wood peterwawood at
Tue Apr 29 00:42:12 EDT 2014

Dear Igor

I am pretty certain that this problem only occurs on OS X. The default outputLineEndings on Windows will be CRLF (correct for Windows). On Linux it will be LF. This might be a good way for cross-platform scripting:

  if the outputLineEndings = "cr" then
    set the outputLineEndings to "lf"
  end if
  put "Hello World!" && the date && the time & return & "Goodbye" & return



On 29 Apr 2014, at 10:52, Igor de Oliveira Couto wrote:

> Dear Jerry & Peter,
> Thank you for your very quick and very helpful responses. You were both right: setting the outputLineEndings to “lf” did the trick. Also, here on MacOS X, it seems that setting it to “crlf” also works. Would that be a better -i.e, more ‘cross-platform’ compatible - solution? Or is there a platform where CRLF would cause issues?
> Many thanks once again for your guidance,
> --
> Igor Couto
> Sydney, Australia
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