encrypt and decrypt on ios

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at roadrunner.com
Sat Apr 26 18:32:13 EDT 2014

you can download the livecode dropbox library at
 The explanation of the Dropbox REST API is at:

Once you start messing around with dropbox, you will probably want some
help with json.  Since Mark Smith has died, I'm not sure where his library
can be found at online, but I can email you a copy if you need one, or,
monte has a JSON external in mergext.

If you're using Monte's externals, check out the dropbox externals, he has
two of them, and since they don't use REST, they should run in parallel
with your ios project, instead of making you wait.

ALSO, pay attention if you use Monte's encrypt and decrypt externals,
because you have to use the openssl version to make it LC compatible, thus
your code on ios would be something like:
put mergAESOpenSSLEncrypt (what,withWhat) into crap
put base64encode(crap) into crap

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