Delivering Files with lcServer ?

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Apr 24 20:29:38 EDT 2014

Hello List:

I'm hoping someone knowledgable about server stuff has a solution to a
problem I have delivering a file using lcServer via an iframe.

I'm using lcServer with the following code to trigger a file download:

put url ("binfile:files/") into theFile
put header "Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=" & quote &
"" & quote
put new header "Content-Type: application/force-download"
put new header "Content-Type: application/zip"
put new header "Content-Type: application/octet-stream"
put new header "Content-Type: application/download"
put header "Content-Description: File Transfer"
put header "Content-Length:" && the length of theFile
put theFile

This appears to work fine from basic web page -- a download is triggered
in the browser and the file is written to the drive.

When I run the same code on a page within an iframe, I get the raw file
code posted to the iframe. :-(

All pages reside in the same domain (no cross domain issues) so I'm at a
loss on how to deal with this.  Any ideas?

Thanks & Regards,

Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX/UI Design

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