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Peter Haworth pete at
Wed Apr 23 23:47:36 CEST 2014

I get the idea from the list archives that profiles are about at the same
level of reliability as the Geometry Manager but the posts are a couple of
years old or more so hoping things may have improved.

I set up a really simple test:

1. Created a label control with its contents set to "Red"

2. In the Property Inspector palette for the label, created a profile named

3. Created a text property of prFrench with the value "Rouge".  It ended up
as an htmltext property which is strange - if you don't want me to use
"text" then don't include it in the dropdown list of properties.

4. In the message box: set the profile of selobj() to "prFrench".  Nothing
happened, the label still showed "Red" as its contents.

5. Tried the same thing in a preOpenCard handler, same result.

5. Clicked the prFrench profile in the Property Inspector palette and the
label changed to "Rouge".  Clicked the Master profile and it changed back
to "Red".

So maybe Profiles are still broken, or maybe I missed a step somewhere?

Aside from that, can Profiles handle unicode?

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