[Enhancement Request] Open and BackUp in LiveCode DP and RC

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Apr 23 15:37:58 EDT 2014

Stacks can be opened many ways.  In most of my projects I only manually 
open one stack in the IDE, and the scripts in that stack may load as 
many as a dozen others.

To satisfy the request the engine would have to intercept all attempts 
to open stacks, or maybe just the save command, and then intervene based 
on the value of some flag.

Ouch.  Sounds like a lot of work for the team, and one more deep task 
for all of us to test.

Seems simpler to just make a copy of your work folder before using a 
pre-release build.  Leaving us in control is the surest way to protect 
all possible ways a stack file can be altered.

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