Email Using LiveCode Server?

Martin Baxter mblivecode at
Tue Apr 22 05:28:17 EDT 2014

On 22/04/14 00:06, Scott Rossi wrote:
> Thanks to Alex and Matthias for the responses.  Matthias's comment
> prompted me to do some more searching and I found the problem, which was
> partly script related, and partly host related: outside-domain email
> addresses are not allowed.
> Some time ago, DreamHost stepped up their anti-spam practices, and
> disabled the ability of sending mail from an address that is not connected
> to any of your hosted domains.  Clearly this makes sense.  But the form I
> have uses the sender's email in the "from" variable, which apparently gets
> rejected by the mail process.  As soon as I changed the "from" address to
> one of my domain addresses, sendmail worked right away.

Maybe that is only one some Dreamhost servers because I have a web to
email form hosted at dreamhost that uses the submitter's sender address
in the from: and reply-to: fields and it has always worked ok.
Admittedly it's written in PHP rather than LC but I wouldn't have
thought that would make any difference.


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