ANN: Updates to lcResTool and lcMover

Charles E Buchwald charles at
Mon Apr 21 20:30:27 CEST 2014

Hi Folks,

I just updated my little plugin utilities for sizing and positioning stacks during development...

lcResTool Version 1.4 is now available, with bug fixes, and also:

	• Support for scaleFactor. There is now a slider that lets you set the scaleFactor of a stack, and a button that let's you reset the scaleFactor to 1.0.
	• Experimental support for "Simulated Density". When this button is checked, the scaleFactor is set to the inverse of the readout of the tool's scaleFactor slider. This shows you a smaller stack for a denser display, more like it would be on the actual target device.
	• A "lock to current stack" button, so when you are working with primarily just one stack, you can set it and forget it and just affect that one stack.
	• A couple of UI tweaks to make the palette look a bit less obtrusive and cleaner.

lcMover Version 1.2 is now available. I've fixed a couple of bugs, and added a couple of minor features:

	• Support for the new scaleFactor property has been added. (Let me know if you like it or not.) It attempts to reposition scaled stacks regardless of their scaleFactor, by scaling the top and left values of the stack when positioning it.
	• A new checkbox in the options to "dock" the lcResTool palette to the bottom of the lcMover palette. This tag team mode can help keep your screen layout neat and clean.

Both are available here:
(lcResTool can also update automatically.)

- Charles
Charles E. Buchwald
CEO/Director General

Museografica Digital

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