Reference Material Discussion Application Architecture Strategies

Michael Doub mikedoub at
Sat Apr 19 17:04:12 EDT 2014

Is anyone aware of any reference material that discusses strategies for architecting your application with the livecode components and their implications with the standalone builder.   As an example, I think that most people understand the basic concept of building a splash screen as the main application and keeping the main logic into a separate stack.  Now actually making this happen in the standalone builder and understanding the implications is another thing.  By implications I mean, can I use this approach when building and IOS or Android application?   I think that the answer is No and Yes.

Another interesting topic is the use of stacks vs substacks and how to bundle them all together.  Best practices for where to keep images for all of the different screen densities.

I know there are quite a few books and sites that help people get started, but I think what I am looking for is more advanced.  It is more strategic and architectural.  Is seems that one almost needs to understand what the standalone builder is doing under the covers to decide on what strategy might be best in each target environment.

Right now I am writing a fairly complex mobile app that has the works, multiple stacks, substacks, libraries and I know about all of the bits and pieces, but how do you decide the best organization for actual deployment and dare I say maintainability.   Also since I have never actually launched an app publicly, I don’t know, what I don’t know about the issues ahead of me.

Does such reference material exist?  


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