Enterprise iOS License Distribution...(Solved)

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Apr 17 15:19:47 EDT 2014

On 4/17/14, 1:58 PM, JOHN PATTEN wrote:
> As for putting the compiled LiveCode iOS app into a folder titled
> “Payload,” compressing that folder with the Finder, and then renaming
> the compressed file <nameofapp>.ipa, ...not sure if that has to be
> done in that fashion each time or not? I have never seen any
> documentation from Apple for as to being the case, but it worked for
> Profile Manager to use the compressed Payload folder.

I hesitate to promote my own stuff here, but AirLaunch handles all that 
for you. You just point it to your LiveCode app and it sets up the whole 
package in the correct format. Then you can use its FTP option to get it 
on your server, or just manually transfer the files where they need to 
go for Profile Manager.

I almost mentioned it earlier, but I wasn't sure how Profile Manager 
worked. Apparently it needs the same setup as any iOS app.

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