500 ms to set a thumbpos??

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On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 11:26 AM, Andrew Kluthe <andrew at ctech.me> wrote:

> Even on windows 8, everything post 6.5 just craaaawwwls.
> The ide and any standalone built with the new graphics libs uses an
> enormous amount of cpu on my laptop. Simply showing a popup menu eats up
> about 48% of my admittedly under-powered cpu. Anything that involves
> drawing anything to the screen is god awful slow and if I fiddle too much
> while it thinks the whole deal crashes. I'm still building with 5.5 until 7
> to wait and see if this behavior is corrected later on. Right now, livecode
> 6.5+ is barely usable for me unless I am using a high end system. I have
> been having similar issues with the clarify 2 beta and i suspect it is due
> to the use of the newer engine.


The issue being talked about in this thread and what you describe may be
two separate things. 6.6 is when retina support was added for desktop and
that caused a big slowdown on machines running in high-dpi mode (Mac or
Windows) as many more pixels are being rendered (as many as 4x). RunRev is
working to address this as soon as possible.

What you describe seems to be something else. 6.5 doesn't have any of the
retina changes for desktop but does have the graphics layer changes (as you
mentioned). It is my understanding that 6.5 should run at the same speed as
previous versions. I wouldn't expect any changes specific to 7.0 to affect
what you are seeing, although the speed increase they are working on for
retina would probably help.

I would *highly* recommend that you submit a bug report about the
performance on your machine. Waiting to see if something gets fixed when
you haven't filed a report often leads to disappointment :-)

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