[OT] free personality portraits

Robert Brenstein rjb at robelko.com
Mon Apr 14 04:24:52 CEST 2014

This has nothing to do with LC but as varied as this group is in 
their tempers and attitudes, as we know well from lively discussions, 
I thought that some of you may find it interesting to get free 
personality portraits.

If you are not interested, just press the delete key now.

I work with the German partner of a British company called Lumina 
Learning. They develop psychometric instruments which are used by 
coaches and trainers. Companies use them for personal and 
organizational change and long-term improvement. The instruments are 
about realizing how we are and function as individuals and how we are 
different from other people and they from us. Their unique approach 
is to look at the opposite ends of each scale independently. Yes, 
many of us are both introverts and extroverts in varying degrees and 
it shows there.

They are working on improving their products and would like to get as 
many different people as possible to complete the development 
versions of two of their instruments. They simply want to collect a 
large reference data.

Anybody that completes the first questionnaire can get a short 
personality portrait emailed to them. Anybody that completes the 
second questionnaire can get a short emotional intelligence report. 
Both are free.

Each questionnaire takes 20-25 mins. If it takes you longer, you 
think too much ;-) There are no good or bad answers. Answering the 
way you feel and behave, not the way you are expected to be or 
behave, will produce more realistic results. I haven't seen reports 
from the second questionnaire but the portrait produced by the first 
one is different for each person, with your unique colorful mandala.


This is a short time only deal. I believe after 7-10 days these links 
will go away, depending how quickly they reach their goal.


Disclosure: although I work with that company and thus benefit from 
their research indirectly on the long term, I do not gain anything 
directly when you fill out these questionnaires.

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