image question (for everyone)

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Apr 10 15:07:41 EDT 2014

I really appreciate you posting this.  It's pretty eye opening for someone
less "under-the-hood" savvy like me who has been told for years that
LiveCode loads everything into memory at startup.  I would never guess
that "load into memory" could have two different "definitions".


Scott Rossi
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Tactile Media, UX/UI Design

On 4/10/14 10:56 AM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:

>I was
>storing all these huge images in a hidden group. The actual visibility
>of the images doesn't matter, if the group is placed on a card they will
>load into RAM in preparation for being shown. I was exceeding the amount
>of RAM available by a large margin and LiveCode just shut down
>unexpectedly after a couple of card changes. In my case, the solution
>was to unplace the group from any cards; an unplaced group can still
>serve as a storage repository but won't be loaded into the image cache
>because it isn't potentially viewable. Immediately after that, LiveCode
>because quite stable.

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