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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Apr 10 14:18:56 EDT 2014

Sri wrote:

> Richard Gaskin wrote
>> Let's find out - RunRev delivered almost exactly what you're looking
>> for, at least as far as providing iOS deployment more affordably for
>> non-revenue-producing apps:
>> <http://livecode.com/membership/>
> Richard, Thanks for the link.
> I look at LiveCode website once a while to see what's new, but did not
> stumble onto this page.
> I went back to livecode.com home page and tried to navigate to the above
> page, and had some difficulty finding it!

There's a banner with link to it on the bottom-right of the home page at 

It's also included among the options on the Community page, accessed 
from the navbar at the top of every page.

 > I was looking for a page that
> compares Community and Commercial editions (I have seen it before), but
> couldn't navigate to it from the home page. I wonder if most people who come
> to the website to find out about the licenses will actually end up with full
> information. Others have said it before, the live code website badly needs
> some help.

Site taxonomy is rarely easy, and with a tool that has two versions and 
a broad range of learning and community resources, no less so.

So specific feedback like yours is helpful, though it wouldn't be a bad 
thing if the team also had time for a card sort exercise (maybe someone 
here can whip up one with LC server for gathering data?).

In the meantime, the page you're looking for involves purchasing 
licenses, which are under the Store heading in the navbar.

In the middle of the Store page is a section labeled "See which edition 
is right for me", with links labeled "See All LiveCode Licenses" and 

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