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> Moof Museum


Thanks. I had completely forgotten about Phil and Dave's CD. I pulled
it out (being a packrat pays off sometimes) and wallowed through
memories until I found "ZZ's Moof! Sound". But of course the wav
content is a resource fork in the file. So I just downloaded the wav
file from the museum and I'm happy. Meanwhile there's lots of HC stuff
on the CD - I had forgotten that we distributed technical docs as HC
stacks back in the day.

...and for those who don't have the 1989 CD (HFS/ProDOS Compatible)
from Dogcow Productions in their archives...

The Phil & Dave Memorial Fund

So there you have it. A quick overview of the prerelease version of
Phil & Dave's Excellent CD. It's rough around the edges (about as
rough as a CD-ROM disk could be) but that's okay because it gives you
the flavor ("Phil, Dave's putting that darn silver thingamajig in his
mouth again!") of what we hope to accomplish in future releases.
Besides, there is only so much we can do in a short time without sleep
and not much caffeine. We're sure you understand: you say you're
shipping when?

But who are Phil and Dave? Why did we name your CD-ROM disc after
them? And what is the Phil & Dave Memorial Fund? Well, to be perfectly
honest, Phil and Dave don't exist, or they almost didn't after their
bosses saw the "built-in-a-garage" attitude behind this project - the
same attitude that got this product from concept to reality in little
more than a month.

Seriously, though, Phil (Williams) and Dave (Szetela) are two key
managers within the Developer Services organization of the Apple
Developer Group. Phil manages the Developer Technical Support group,
which includes both Apple II and Macintosh DTS (and you can imagine
what kind of job that must be) while David leads the entire Developer
Services organization, which includes DTS, Developer Programs,
Developer University, Developer Press, and Developer Events.

This CD-ROM disc is named after them because they care about
developers enough to have given us a lot of freedom in creatint it for
you, and they're going to be putting even more resources behind it in
the future to make sure it's something that can be used with pride.
(Actually, we couldn't come up with a name, so we decided to put their
pictures on the cover to let you see what we have to look at every
day. Fortunately - for you - our Creative Services department came up
with the nice cover you see from our design, so you don't have to look
at them every day like we do.)

We are establishing the Phil & Dave Memorial Fund as a relief effort
to support these two guys in case we've been lost in the weeds with
this whole comcept and upper management tells Phil and Dave to go
graze off of a cliff like many a dogcow before them. Unfortunately, we
cannot take cash, checks, or money orders, so you'll have to send your
donations via AppleLink to DTS Feedback.

So what are you waiting for? Hook up an Apple CD SC drive and let us
know what you think, good or bad. Oh, and one more thing - if you like
the concept of Phil & Dave's Excellent CD (as opposed to something
sterile and very "suit-like") please let us know, or Phil and Dave may
be out of jobs and management may make us clean up our act in the next
release. Thank you for your support.

-Mark Wieder
 ahsoftware at

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