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if I understand you correctly, is it that you might simply invoke a handler from a button or via the message box?

In other words, if you have an "openstack" handler in the stack script, you can just write, in a button:

on mouseUp

end mouseUp

Or do this from msg. If you have a different handler, the same method applies. You can also:

send "openstack" to this stack -- or even from somewhere else:

send "openstack" to stack yourStackOfInterest

from any convenient source. Or do I have this all wrong?

Craig Newman

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If I make a change to my stack script (I only have 1 stack) is there a way to 
test the code in the script without having to close the IDE and then restart LC 
to see if my stack script is running properly - such as something within the 
openStack command?

Thank you
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