App code signing for outside Mac App Store

Marty Knapp martyknappster at
Thu Apr 3 21:55:17 CEST 2014

Yes, just your Developer ID certificate. The GLX Application Packager 
can make this a part of the build process, so you could maybe just pull 
out the code that's doing that. I guess it's now updated to work with 
Mavericks. As it previously didn't, I've been using App Wrapper. In both 
cases you need to input your Developer ID.

Marty K
>> You will need to post-process or implement a routine when the standalone
>> builds. You might check out Trevor's GLX Application Packager - it has
>> the ability to sign apps, though I'm not sure where things are at with
>> Mavericks as there were some changes. I've been using App Wrapper by
>> Ohana Software ( on Mavericks with success.
>> Please note that I don't have any apps in the app store so can't attest
>> to App Wrappers abilities there. I just code sign for distribution on my
>> own.
> Thanks. We're building for third-party distribution too so that's all 
> I need. I've used AppWrapper before, I didn't know they'd now fixed it 
> for Mavericks. That's good news.
> Also, when building in LiveCode, do you build with the Developer ID 
> certificate? And if so, why do we need to post-process?

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