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Thu Apr 3 15:42:11 EDT 2014

Hi Larry,

First of all, when you write "it didn't work", you should really write 
exactly why it didn't work and what you got instead of the expected 
result. E.g. did nothing happen, did you get an error message --if you 
got an error message, then what was the exact text of the error 
message--, or did the script run and was the result different from what 
you wanted?

The follow should "work", i.e. it should remove all lines except those 
containing the string "d14":

on mouseUp
   filter fld "Column3" with "*d14*
end mouseUp

I'm assuming that this script is in a button and that you click on the 
button to run the script.

If this doesn't help, can you give a more specific description of the 

Best regards,

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On 4/3/2014 21:26, larry at wrote:
> I've tried 20 different ways of syntax for a filter and still cannot make it work.
> I'm trying to filter the lines of a field that contains a specific string, say "d14" somewhere within the field.
> Here is the latest that did NOT work:
> on mouseUp
> filter field column3 with "* "d14" *"
> end mouseUp
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