App code signing for outside Mac App Store

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Apr 3 15:39:24 EDT 2014

On 4/3/14, 1:00 PM, Marty Knapp wrote:
> You will need to post-process or implement a routine when the standalone
> builds. You might check out Trevor's GLX Application Packager - it has
> the ability to sign apps, though I'm not sure where things are at with
> Mavericks as there were some changes. I've been using App Wrapper by
> Ohana Software ( on Mavericks with success.
> Please note that I don't have any apps in the app store so can't attest
> to App Wrappers abilities there. I just code sign for distribution on my
> own.

Thanks. We're building for third-party distribution too so that's all I 
need. I've used AppWrapper before, I didn't know they'd now fixed it for 
Mavericks. That's good news.

Also, when building in LiveCode, do you build with the Developer ID 
certificate? And if so, why do we need to post-process?

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