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Indeed, the destroyStack property being set to false was the reason why 
the stack appeared to be saved while it wasn't.

Also, because the global variable gRevStackStatus[stackName] isn't 
updated if a script changes the value of the field, the Save prompt 
wasn't triggered when Muaadh chose Exit from the File menu.

While this is a little confusing if you only use the IDE and usually 
don't make standalones, I don't think this is a big issue, because the 
project would eventually run as a standalone and would need its own 
saving routines.

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On 4/2/2014 19:38, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> On 4/2/14, 4:44 AM, Muaadh Salih wrote:
>> What I can not undrstand is why it DOES work when :
>> 1- save the stack scripte
>> 2- close
>> 3- open stack (from file menu without quiting LC )
>>   while it DOES NOT  ( always goes to card one) when:
>> 1- Save the stack scripte
>> 2- Cose
>> 3- Quit LC
>> 4-Double click on stack  stack (from file menu without quiting live
>> code )
> The destroystack property of the stack is probably set to false, which
> is LiveCode's default setting. That means when the stack closes it is
> kept in RAM. When you re-open it, it will open in its previous state.
> When you quit LiveCode and re-open the stack, it opens in the state it
> was last saved in. It sounds like the stack is not saved to disk before
> you quit LiveCode.
> When you open the stack after launching LiveCode, what is in field
> "aaa"? Is it the correct card number?

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