transparent “multiline” UITextField

Scott Morrow scott at
Thu Apr 3 02:33:23 EDT 2014

I’m trying to make a transparent “multiline” UITextField in iOS.  Unfortunately, it remains opaque both in the simulator and on an actual device.  If I switch the style of the UITextField to “input” then it becomes transparent.  I’m doing something along the lines of:

mobileControlCreate "multiline", pFieldName
mobileControlSet pFieldName, "rect", tRect
mobileControlSet pFieldName, "opaque", "false"
mobileControlSet pFieldName, "visible", “true"

I’m suspicious that it may be operator error since I can’t get it working under the last several previous LC versions and I didn’t notice a bug report. Suggestions?
(tested with LC 6.1.3,  6.5.2,  6.6, 6.7dp1 and 6.6.1rc1 Commercial)

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