Firels as containers

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Thu Apr 3 03:26:17 CEST 2014

> On 4/2/14, 4:44 AM, Muaadh Salih wrote:
>> What I can not undrstand is why it DOES work when :
>> 1- save the stack scripte
>> 2- close
>> 3- open stack (from file menu without quiting LC )
>>   while it DOES NOT  ( always goes to card one) when:
>> 1- Save the stack scripte
>> 2- Cose
>> 3- Quit LC
>> 4-Double click on stack  stack (from file menu without quiting live code )

> The destroystack property of the stack is probably set to false, which
> is LiveCode's default setting. That means when the stack closes it is
> kept in RAM. When you re-open it, it will open in its previous state.

In addition to Jacque's explanation above, I think at the openStack
stage the field exists but has not yet been populated with data.
Moving the command to go to the desired card into the openCard handler
may provide better results. If not, you can try something like

on openStack
  send "gotoCard" to me in 1 second
end openStack

on gotoCard
  go to card (field "aaa" of card 1)
end gotoCard

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