LiveCode 6.6.1 (rc-1) very slow on iOS!

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Wed Apr 2 16:43:57 EDT 2014

iOS SDK 5.1 is not recognized in 6.5.2. You must use pre 5.1 SDK. 5.0.2 will
work and get the green box back.

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Hi there,

Boy did I ever make a mistake trying to upgrade from LC 6.5.2 to 6.6.0!

After the upgrade, I discovered that 6.6.0 wouldn't see the iOS SDKs.
Then I discovered in the notes that the fix was in LC 6.6.1 (rc-1).

So I started up 6.6.1 (rc-1) and discovered that my app which used to run my
animations smoothly now shows incredibly slow stuttering animations!

Now as I understand it from reading about this problem, is that the move to
retina has created this issue.

I tried to go back to using LC 6.5.2 and now that won't find my SDKs.
I apparently can't repoint to any of them either!

I suggest that a performance switch be installed so that at least we have a
choice as to how quickly we would like to have things rendered here.  I was
just about ready to get my app out the door when this upgrade has quashed my
schedule!  What was I thinking? *@$&#^!&*#(@)!

Suggestions and any help are greatly appreciated!



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