Inactive Menu Bar?

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Wed Apr 2 12:55:24 EDT 2014

This is an odd one. I'm developing a desktop app with a menu bar (Mac) all set up and fully working in early development cycles. When running under the IDE, one click on the mainstack which owns the menu replaces the IDE's own menu with mine, as expected, and that menu works as normal. Then I pick one of my menu options, a script gets run and something goes wrong - the IDE menu no longer gets replaced and my own menu doesn't show. The menu still exists, and I can send "menuPick" messages from the Message Box and get them to work, but I just can't see the menu bar. Mostly I'm using LC 6.5.2 for this, but the same problem shows on 6.6.1 rc1.

I made a standalone, and the menu bar appears, with nothing dimmed, and the dropdowns animate, but none of the menu items do anything, i.e. no "menuPick" messages are being sent. Other bits of the program are working and respond to mouse events etc. 

Of course it's a bug of my own making, but what's going on? What the heck did I do wrong?

TIA for any suggestions


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