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On 4/1/14, 5:10 PM, Muaadh Salih wrote:

> In a simple stack of five crads  I put a field "aaa" to store the number of
> last card students were in  last time to retruen to it when reopining the
> stack next.
> I put in card script
> on closestack
>     put the number of this card into card field "aaa" of card 1
> end closestack
> and  in the stack script
> on Openstack
>     go to card ( card field "aaa" of card 1)
> end Openstack
> This works fine as long as  (I)  do not quit livecode  .
> if I colse ,quit and then click on the saved stack it goes to card one !
> always  ( livecode 6.6, 6.7, 7 and run rev 4.5)
> What went wrong  please ?!
Try changing the openStack handler to a preOpenCard handler on card 1.

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Thanks  Jacqueline .
It Does not work either .

What I can not undrstand is why it DOES work when :
1- save the stack scripte
2- close
3- open stack (from file menu without quiting LC )

 while it DOES NOT  ( always goes to card one) when:
1- Save the stack scripte
2- Cose
3- Quit LC
4-Double click on stack  stack (from file menu without quiting live code )



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