occasional runaway control - anyone else seeing this?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Wed Apr 2 03:57:03 EDT 2014

Hi Dave,

One reason why this may happen is the Geometry manager.

Another reason is the margins of the group. If the margins are set to 0 
and you're using the GM or have a resizing script somewhere, the 
controls often tend to "walk".

Also, if you're using rect, top, left, bottom, right and other location 
properties in your script, these properties may change, triggering a 
resizing handler again, which eventually makes the control walk. You can 
avoid this by putting all location properties into variables before 
setting any position, e.g.

put the topleft of grp "This Group" into myTL
set the topleft of btn 1 to (item 1 of myTL + 5),(item 2 of myTL + 5)
-- etc.

If you give a little more info about what you're doing exactly, we might 
solve this problem.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 4/1/2014 19:05, Dave Kilroy wrote:
> Quite a few times recently whilst developing on Windows (windows 7 x64) and
> using various incarnations of LiveCode (LC 6.6, 6.6.1(rc1), LC 6.7 (dp1) I'm
> getting an occasional 'runaway' behaviour.
> Occasionally, on one particular stack (holding quite a few controls to make
> up it's GUI) if I'm editing a group with the inspector open on the 'Size &
> Position' tab - if I click the up or down arrows on the left, top, right, or
> bottom scrolling list fields, followed within a second or so by another
> click on the same arrow - I get a 'runaway' of the control continuing to
> move in the same direction at about 1 pixel/point per second.
> I'm not seeing it on LC 6.5 or 6.5.1 (or on OSX)
> I don't really want to file a bug about this because I can't reproduce it -
> is anyone else seeing this?
> Kind regards
> Dave

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