Amazing new feature in LiveCode 6.7DP-1.4.14

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Why waste your time with that, when you can simply use the new "doItAll" and "makeUI" commands:

on mouseUp


end mouseUp

So much faster. No errors. I personally do not have time to make a button and put that script into it. I wish they would automate that as well.


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Hi folks,

Thanks to the engine refactoring project made possible by last year's 
Kickstarter campaign the good folks at RunRev have finally been able to 
implement a feature that I have wanted for years. You know how you're always 
yelling at your computer to do what you mean, not what you actually coded? Well, 
that's a thing of the past with the new guessProgrammerIntent stack property. 
Try this in the stack script:

on openStack
   set the guessProgrammerIntent of me to true
end openStack

Suddenly everything I really want my stack to do "just works!"

So I can do things like this:

   sort field "mydata" in a way that makes sense

And Boom! the text in the field looks exactly like I want it to look, whatever 
that is.

It even works with Strict Compilation Mode turn on! I think what happens is that 
if you forget to declare a variable, LiveCode just assumes you meant to and 
carries on as if you had declared it.

I have tried this with both the LTR and the new RTL versions of LiveCode. I have 
yet tested it in Ambidextrous mode because I can't afford it right now.

Looking forward to hearing of other developers' successes with the new 
guessProgrammerIntent property.



Devin Asay
Office of Digital Humanities
Brigham Young University

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