Not sure how to enter this bug report in QCC

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Tue Apr 1 07:52:17 EDT 2014

On 1.04.2014 14:40, Alex Tweedly wrote:
> I was very glad to see the new version available at 
> However, it fails to properly update the price when I chose 
> "Ambidextrous".
> Should I bug report this in QCC (and if so, which product code do I 
> use), or should I simply email Heather to let her know?
> Thanks
> -- Alex.

I am quite seriously considering taking Runtime Revolution to court for 

As a person who regularly programs with their feet I feel that offering 
Livecode Commercial
in variants only to Right-Handed, Left-Handed and Ambidextrous 
individuals is blatant
discrimination against pedal programmers.

I shall demand nothing less that a set of straps for my repetitive ankle 
syndrome brought
on by having to use one of the manual versions of Livecode.


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