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Sat Sep 28 13:59:28 EDT 2013

On 9/28/13 8:14 AM, Vaughn Clement wrote:
> Hi Mark
> There was a series of questions I asked as a new to LiveCode user. In that
> process I found that the LC site and other media is very unorganized. I
> suggested that it might be a good idea to use the CodeBook app I designed
> for managing scripts and documenting all aspects of using LiveCode. The app
> is a FileMaker database I designed for all or any type of technical
> information management. It would be ideal for this forum because of the
> many questions that pass through this email and then are gone.

I think most of us use one of the two web archive engines I mentioned 
before, which also search by keyword and other criteria. Those archive 
this mailing list. The forums can be searched internally or via Google. 
I also wonder who would maintain your database; if you need to rely on 
user contributions I think you'll find that participation is spotty. Is 
that something you would do yourself? If it's an automatic archive of 
the mailing list, then can you describe how it would be different than 
the two that are already archived?

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