deleting an object as a consequence of its handler...... missing line break

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Thu Sep 26 12:48:42 EDT 2013


I do this when deleting some stuff including the button this script is in
and it works just fine and dandy for me. Sorry for the missing line break.
(why does this always happen when copying from the IDE and the pasting it
into an email?) Also the "with 1" is just a parameter I need to send to
identify all things that get deleted when button is pressed(including the
button itself).

Dispatch "DeleteMyButtonAndOtherstuff" to me with 1

exit to top

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Subject: deleting an object as a consequence of its handler

I have a section where, as a consequence of a closefield, it makes sense to
just wipe the screen and generate it again.

While the closeField handler is in the stack (actually, a button for
behavior), this results in an error as the field, part of one of the groups
getting deleted, is associated with the running script.

What is the best way to deal with this?

I could send in 0ms I suppose, but might another message in the queue jump
ahead if that happens?

Pass the closefield somehow (but it's already a stack script, and the main
stack would have to do some checking to figure out where the closefield was
coming from?).

"set the expendable of the target to true" ?   :)

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