RELEASE: LiveCode 6.1.2 RC1

Benjamin Beaumont ben at
Thu Sep 26 06:30:19 EDT 2013

Dear List Members,

We are pleased to announce the first test release of LiveCode 6.1.2. This
is a maintenance release featuring a number of bug fixes as well as xCode 5

*Warning*: this is not a stable release. Please ensure you back up your
stacks before testing them.

*Release Features*
iOS 7.0/Xcode 5.0 Support

*Release Bug Fixes (14)*
11219 - Unable to set iPad status bar visibility independently of iPhone
status bar visibility.
11191 - Text corruption when joining paragraphs
11189 - Basic table field with multiple tabStops stops inspector from
11173 - Preferences show wrong panel
11172 - Populating a datagrid from a card, other then the card the datagrid
lives on generates error
11162 - Spaces required between numeric and non-numeric components of a
date to parse correctly
11143 - DataGrid throws error when setting show vscrollbar to false in
preOpenControl on mobile.
11141 - Gradient ramp rounding error
11098 - iOS minimum version in standalone builder is 3.1.3 (should be 4.3).
11042 - Autoscript \"compile error\" with new menu items
10846 - Warn if password-protected stack is opened in Community Edition
10634 - Script editor \"go to definition\" does not find handlers in
behaviors, backgrounds or library stacks.
10517 - iPad retina landscape image size warning incorrect.
10159 - Offline activation fails in Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10, 12.04

You can get the release via our auto-updater which can be launched manually
from the help menu in LiveCode.

Alternatively, you can download the installers here:

Warm regards,

The LiveCode Team

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