Can't send email attachments on Android w/ 6.1.1 or 6.5 DP1 :(

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Wed Sep 25 16:39:37 EDT 2013

Hi Monte,

Am 25.09.2013 um 22:19 schrieb Monte Goulding <monte at>:

> Are you calling me below average? ;-P

Do not lead me into temptation! :-D

At least you are living somewhere "down below" ;-)

> I assume they were implemented and someone forgot to document them.
> The other one I found was the duration property of a mobile player which
> I reported and is apparently fixed. I just haven't had time to report this one yet.

Okie Dokie, thanks!

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> On 26/09/2013, at 1:28 AM, Klaus major-k <klaus at> wrote:
>> But why on earth are these gems hidden from the "average" Livecode user? 8-)



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