Can't send email attachments on Android w/ 6.1.1 or 6.5 DP1 :(

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On 25/09/2013, at 01:45 PM, Monte Goulding wrote:

> What does mergStoragePath("downloads") give you? It should be the path to the public downloads folder you would see in Android File Transfer etc. specialFolderPath("external documents") should give you a path to a private documents folder which the user can't see when browsing the device.

Hey Monte - I might have mentioned this to you in an offline email a couple of weeks ago, but on my devices using mergStoragePath("downloads") does allow you to write to the Android downloads folder but the files you write there tend not to be visible when browsing the downloads - they're there, they just don't get listed.


> Lots of devices have multiple sd cards though or do what yours does (mine does too) and has an internal partition for the public directories. There appears to be no standard api to list all of them and they can be different on each device... I just found some java code here that could be translated to LiveCode fairly easily if you really need to save on an sd card rather than just in a public directory:
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