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SsLog just puts a text into a log file, so any script that does that would be fine. Oddly, RunRev had no trouble running it. I've got major Internet grief at the moment so can't send an update, maybe not for a day or two. BTW I agree completely with your point.

Thanks for the comment.


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On 19 Sep 2013, at 16:25, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:

> Graham Samuel wrote:
>> I finally got round to boiling down this app to a simple form that
>> I could use in a bug report. RunRev (actually Elanor) quite quickly
>> came up with a reply - here's an extract:
>>> Comment # 6 on bug 11183 from Elanor
>>> Hi Graham
>>> This is not actually a bug, the choose command, for choosing a tool,
>>> is only for editable windows, that is editable stacks in the IDE.
>>> The graphic tools don't really work as you want in a standalone
>>> as it is not an editable window
> I'm hoping that's merely ambiguous wording, and not meant to imply that anyone at RunRev believes the tool property should be limited to use only within the IDE.
> Giving the benefit of the doubt, I'd guess she meant the IDE only as an example, and really meant only toplevel, since of course the current tool mode can only work on toplevel stacks.
> Since many of us have been writing apps that rely on having complete access to all tool modes going all the way back to HyperCard, any limitation on their use in standalones would be a bug, and I trust Kevin would agree.
> On the issue at hand, I was hoping to be able to run the example stacks included in your report to track down the issue, but unfortunately I can't even run them in the IDE (apparently they call an undefined command "ssLog").
> Do you have a more isolated example of the problem?
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