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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Sep 16 17:09:16 EDT 2013

Mark Wieder wrote:

> Monte-
> Monday, September 16, 2013, 1:10:16 PM, you wrote:
>>> In the light of this I wonder about the wisdom of including
>>> 6.5.0 dp1 in the upgrade offers.
>> Why?
> Because when something appears as an update notice folks start
> thinking it's an actual upgrade and not a caveat-developer alpha build
> replete with a cautionary note that only appears in the list notice
> and not in the update mechanism.

I just submitted a request to have two different update options, 
settable in Prefs, so that by default new users would avoid the risks of 
DPs by only getting notification of final releases, while the rest of us 
could turn on the option to get notification of every release:


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