weirdness with copied data from google spreadsheets

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Mon Sep 16 15:14:28 EDT 2013

If I copy something like the below from a Google Docs spreadsheet and try
to paste it into an LC field, I get one string, no CRs, no spaces other
than between "Sales" and "Rate" etc. I've looked at the
clipboarddata["text"] and clipboarddata["html"] and seen nothing that
helps. And yet I can paste here in gmail, and it looks like the below. If I
paste into Sublime Text it comes out as lines, with tabs. I can then copy
*that* and paste into LC with no problem. Any ideas?


Sales Rate
% lift over control 64.5328818027890.00% 62.798119636003 -2.85%63.075907077927
2.44% 66.548401226456 -5.21% 60.991036273771-7.56% 63.066859298499
-0.27% 66.961918924161 -34.60%

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