Trying a custom handler for several math fields

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>  But just try to sort a column of text in excel by the fourteenth character of each cell.

It's really not that hard once you start doing such things :)

I actually have functionality in my spreadsheets for my bankruptcy
filings that I haven't been able to implement in livecode yet.  (In
fairness, even though they're not scripted, I passed the line into
programming on it).

Although it's a bit easier in the openoffice family then excel,
primarily from regexp support, but you have something like

   my words are wonderful                    14                 =mid(a1,b1,1)


   my words are wonderful                    14                 w

and then you sort by column 3.

Or, you add another column with the calculated position, and have a
seocnd table that diplays it.

Or, . . .

But then, I used it to create 90 page court filings :)

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