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Fri Sep 13 09:51:00 EDT 2013

Hi All

I just posted this comment on the help email for all to read. I want to
report it so it can be at a help level where everyone can see it.

To All

OK I have complained about documentation and I should not raise an issue
without also offering a solution. I developed a database for the Cloud
Server that is called My Codebook Pro v12. This app goes beyond a forum or
an email help system. I already added the user guide chapters in one record
with each chapter in a sub code element under the main record. This app
also includes a way to add this app to any iPhone or iPad or use it in any
browser on any device.

This would offer a way to take the great community help you all provide and
give a place to retain the code samples like to ones in this email help
request. A simple copy and paste and fill in a few fields to assist any
user to find this data in a search. Instead of loosing the help data in
these emails, you can make them available to all LiveCode users. It will
also support images for each tech note that using the iPad or iPhone can be
pasted into the tech note. All of this would be searchable by a set of
subject field used in a search. It find the specific records you want to
see. If this is something you might use let me know and I will make it
available for free to everyone. You will also be able to use this for
telling people about any product you offer that may help developers.

I will soon publish a help email telling you where you can find this app
and how to use it.
Thank you

Vaughn Clement

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