Okay, I think I'm brain damaged -- nope, I figured it out

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I remember someone saying that "before" was the most taxing to the engine.

It is so, and the point where things go south occurs much sooner. Whereas the slowdown takes place at a million plus with "after", the slowdown happens between 10,000 and 100,000 with "before":

on mouseUp
   put "XXX" into temp
   put the ticks into s
   repeat 10000 -- (10,000) about 25 ticks. But a minute with 100,000
      put temp before accum
   end repeat
   answer the ticks - s
end mouseUp


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Is 'put "something" BEFORE myVariable' quicker? That way, the engine doesn't
have to track to the end each time.

Just an idea.

Hugh Senior

From: Geoff Canyon wrote:

For fifteen years now I've been telling people over and over, "Sure, you
can speed that up dramatically by using 'repeat for each...' instead of
'repeat with i = 1 to the number of...'"

And today, something is going horribly wrong with what I've written, and I
can't see what. :-/

<I wrote a bunch of stuff here about what I was doing to see if anyone
could figure out what was going on>

...okay, I won't bore you all with the details. The tl;dr is that this:

    put "something" after myVariable

is very fast, but gets slower the bigger myVariable becomes. I'm slinging
around 100s of MBs, and LC doesn't really like appending strings to a 300mb

I have to change to read from my input line by line anyway, and I'll write
to my output the same way, and all the variables will be much smaller then.

Thanks for listening

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