Field calculations

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put fld 1 + fld 2 into fld 3
put fld "bla" + fld "foo" into fld "bar"

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On 9/11/2013 19:26, Vaughn Clement wrote:
> Hi All
> After entirely to many hours of research trying to get a reference location
> for scripting simple field calculations, and also testing scripts I need
> some veteran help.
> I am a database developer so I am new to LiveCode. I used the dictionary
> trying to do the following but the Hypertalk script approach is not clear.
> I simply want to take one field and use a math operator to say add two
> fields together and put the result into a third field.
> Example: Loan amount + loan fees = Sum amount of loan
> I might want to add 3 fields together and then subtract a different field
> from the sum of the 3 fields.
> Or take a loan percentage * the Loan amount to get the amount of interest
> Thank you
> Vaughn Clement

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