Facebook authorisation on iOS

Mark Wilcox m_p_wilcox at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Sep 10 11:40:33 EDT 2013

Hi Gerry,

I don't know how Andre Garcia's library works but assume it's not using an external that wraps the Facebook SDK for iOS. From painful personal experience I'd advise against any attempt to access Facebook other than through the official SDKs or platform native interfaces (e.g. for sharing on iOS). I'd also suggest avoiding using the web/JavaScript SDK unless you're building a web app. Facebook has a "move fast and break things" culture and they regularly break their APIs. When you're using an official SDK (even wrapped) you share the pain with everyone else and it usually gets fixed very quickly. If you've got some community generated solution with a minimal number of users then you're almost on your own and every time it breaks you need to rush through an update to your app to fix it. Not even slightly fun.

My experience came through trying to integrate with Facebook via native apps on platforms they don't provide official SDKs for - it was a mandatory requirement from the client and I didn't have a choice. If you have any other choice - take it. Either go down the external route or just don't use Facebook auth.

FWIW, this is almost unique to Facebook, we didn't have similar problems integrating with other services.

Hope that helps,

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Hi all

As you know lots of sites and apps use Facebook authentication to verify user identities. I'm trying to get that working in iOS using Andre Garcia's Facebook library. I can get the FB sign on screen but the app always crashes after I enter my log in details. I'm having no luck debugging the problem :(

Has anyone got this to work? Is it work persisting?


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