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Fri Sep 6 11:49:50 EDT 2013

Dear List Members,

We have just pulled LiveCode 6.1.1 RC5 from the auto-update process. We had
a report that the changes made to fix a bug have caused stacks to be
corrupted when saving and then reloading. We suspect it will be in specific
cases but advise caution when using RC5.

We have left the version up for download for those who are wanting to test
specific fixes in the release and we advise all users to use BACKUPS of
their stacks for testing purposes.

We would really appreciate the community helping us iron out the issue. You
can do this by opening your stacks and if they corrupt after being saved,
send the source stack to us. We'll use these to track down the problem
before releasing an RC6.

Warm regards,



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