Field object bug on Android?

Terry Judd terry.judd at
Thu Sep 5 03:16:31 EDT 2013

I'm running into what seems like a bug on Android. I have a bunch of formatted text that I'm displaying in an LC field on Android. The field's height is set to its formattedHeight in a locked group (it's the only control) and is scrolled using a native scroller control.

It all works well until I throw a fairly big chunk of text at it (e.g. enough to give formattedHeight of greater than 40000). Setting the htmlText of the field seems to work OK but once I set the height of the field to its formattedHeight value the app locks up. It appears to be an Android only problem because the same field displays fine at its full height on an iOS device.

Has anyone else seen this?


Dr Terry Judd
Senior Lecturer in Medical Education
Medical Education Unit
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences
The University of Melbourne

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