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On Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 9:07 AM, Richmond <richmondmathewson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Certainly the thing with secondary and or mirror screens has to be sorted
> out.

"sorted out" ???

[checks watch]

It's 2013.  Since I put a second screen on my mac, I've:

* converted my custom bankruptcy software from HyperCard to SuperCard (1.5)
* gotten married
* had a child
* closed my practice and gotten a PhD
* returned to practice
* re-written my software as spreadsheets
* had four grandchildren.
* rewritten most of the software in LiveCode


> If one has 2 or 3 displays attached to one's machine and 1 or more of them
> is them disconnected
> (or goes "phut") all stacks, palettes and other 'things" of Livecode's IDE
> should be visible on the
> monitor that is still connected.

"should".  Yet if there is only one screen, and the coordinates are
offscreen, LiveCode still opens the window entirely offscreen,
including the message box and dictionary.

This wasn't a problem 24 years ago with HyperCard and SuperCard, yet
it appears my granson will turn 5 with Livecodenot having solved this.

> I had a similar sort of problem just the other day when I moved my second
> machine up to my villa in the mountains and connected to to a very old
> cathode ray tube job that has a maximum display of 1024 x 768,
> having previously had it connected to a 1920 x 1080 display; my "revTools"
> stack was nowhere to be seen!

The screen I attached to my SE/30 was 1024x768, 1 bit.  19" screeen,
with about a two foot deep tube.

And when it went bad under warranty, I called Ehman.

"Oh, ship it back in the original container." [1]

There wasn't one.


It came on a shipping pallet with cardboard wrapped around and a huge
cardboard top.

"*groan*  Oh, one of *those* ."

(I had a very early developer screen).

> I had to open up the message box (which, luckily, appeared somewhere
> reasonably sensible: I could see the thing) and do a "move stack "revTools"
> to 100,100: silly and should be unnecessary. Had the message box been off
> screen things would have been even more tedious.

For other's reference, I've attached a tiny stack that has field with
a button to execute it's contents, an output field to put answers
into, and  button to put the message box back (although I think it's
set to 900 for the vertical).

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